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  Selected Publications  
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in press. Peeples, Matthew A., Connected Communities: Social Networks, Identity, and Social Change in the Ancient Cibola World. University of Arizona Press, Tucson (expected January 2018).

Journal Articles (*peer reviewed):

*2016 Peeples, Matthew A., Jeffery J. Clark, William H. Doelle, Andy Laurenzi, and Barbara J. Mills. The Big Picture: The National Historic Preservation Act and Regional Syntheses in the U.S. Southwest. Journal of Arizona Archaeology 4(1):1-9.

*2016 Spielmann, Katherine A., Matthew A. Peeples, Donna M. Glowacki, and Andrew Dugmore. Early Warning Signals of Social Transformation: A Case Study from the US Southwest. PLoS ONE 11(10):e0163685.

*2016 Mills, Barbara J., Jeffery J. Clark, and Matthew A. Peeples. Migration, Skill, and the Transformation of Social Networks in the Prehispanic Southwest. Economic Antrhopology 3:203-215.

*2016  Hegmon, Michelle, Jacob Freeman, Keith W. Kintigh, Margaret C. Nelson, Sarah Oas, Matthew A. Peeples, and Andrea Torvinen. Marking and Making Difference: Representational Diversity in the U.S. Southwest. American Antiquity 81(2):253-272.

Nelson, Margaret C., Scott E. Ingram, Andrew J. Dugmore, Richard Streeter, Matthew A. Peeples, Thomas H. McGovern, Michelle Hegmon, Jette Arneborg, Keith W. Kintigh, Seth Brewington, Katherine A. Spielmann, Ian A. Simpson, Colleen Strawhacker, Laura E. L. Comeau, Andrea Torvinen, Christian K. Madsen, George Hambrecht, and Konrad Smiarowski. Climate Challenges, Vulnerabilities, and Food Security. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 113(2):298-303.

*2015  Freeman, Jacob, Matthew A. Peeples, and John M. Anderies. Toward a Theory of Non-linear
Transitions from Foraging to Farming. Journal of Anthropological Archaeology 40:109-122

*2015  Bernardini, Wesley and Matthew A. Peeples. Sight Communities: The Social Significance of Shared Visual Landmarks. American Antiquity 80(2):315-335

*2015  Hill, J. Brett, Matthew A. Peeples, Deborah H. Huntley, H. Jane Carmack. Spatializing Social Network Analysis in the Precontact U.S. Southwest. Advances in Archaeological Practice 3(1):63-77

*2015  Borck, Lewis, Barbara J. Mills, Matthew A. Peeples, and Jeffery J. Clark. Are Social Networks Survival Networks? An Example from the Late Prehispanic Southwest. Journal of Archaeological Method and Theory 22(1):33-57

*2015  Mills, Barbara J., Matthew A. Peeples, William R. Haas, Jr., Lewis Borck, Jeffery J. Clark, and John M. Roberts, Jr. Multiscalar Perspectives on Social Networks in the Late Prehispanic Southwest. American Antiquity 80(1):3-24

*2014  Ownby, Mary F., Deborah L. Huntley, and Matthew A. Peeples. A Combined Approach: Using NAA and Petrography to Examine Ceramic Production and Exchange in the American Southwest. Journal of Archaeological Science 52:152-162

*2013  Laurenzi, Andrew, Matthew A. Peeples, and William H. Doelle. Cultural Resources Priority Area Planning in Sub-Mogollon Arizona and New Mexico. Advances in Archaeological Practice 1(2):61-76

*2013  Peeples, Matthew A. and W. Randall Haas, Jr. Brokerage and Social Capital in the Prehispanic U.S. Southwest. American Anthropologist 115(2):232-246

*2013  Peeples, Matthew A. and John M. Roberts, Jr. To Binarize or Not to Binarize: Relational Data and the Construction of Archaeological Networks. Journal of Archaeological Science 40(7):3001-3010

*2013  Mills, Barbara J., Jeffery J. Clark, Matthew A. Peeples, W. R. Haas, Jr., John M. Roberts, Jr., J. Brett Hill, Deborah L. Huntley, Lewis Borck, Ronald L. Breiger, Aaron Clauset, M. Steven Shackley. The Transformation of Social Networks in the Late Pre-Hispanic U.S. Southwest. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 110(15)5785-5790

*2012  Peeples, Matthew A., and Gregson Schachner. Refining Correspondence Analysis-Based Ceramic Seriation of Regional Data Sets. Journal of Archaeological Science 39(8):2818-2827

*2011  Nelson, Margaret C., Stephanie Kulow, Matthew A. Peeples, Michelle Hegmon, and Ann Kinzig. Resisting Diversity in Small Scale Societies: A Long-term Archaeological Study. Ecology and Society 16(1):article 25

*2011  Spielmann, Katherine A., Margaret C. Nelson, Scott E. Ingram, and Matthew A. Peeples. Sustainable Small-Scale Agriculture in Semi-Arid Environments. Ecology and Society 16(1):article 26

*2008   Hegmon, Michelle, Matthew A. Peeples, Ann Kinzig, Stephanie Kulow, Cathryn M. Meegan,
and Margaret C. Nelson. Social Transformation and its Human Costs in the Prehispanic U.S. Southwest. American Anthropologist 110(3):313-324

*2008  Peeples, Matthew A. Creating Political Authority: The Role of the Antebellum Black Press in the Political Mobilization and Empowerment of African Americans. Journalism History 34(2):76-86

*2006  Peeples, Matthew A., C. Michael Barton and Steven Schmich. Resilience Lost: Intersecting Landuse and Landscape Dynamics in the Prehistoric Southwestern U.S. Ecology and Society 11(2):article 22

*2003  Peeples, Matthew A. An Analysis of Projectile Points from the Chytka Site (41JK66), Jackson County, Texas. La Tierra: Journal of the Southern Texas Archaeological Association 30(1):37-63

2003    Peeples, Matthew A. Mano a Mano: Grinding Implements from Colha, Belize. Mono y Conejo: Journal of the Mesoamerican Archaeological Research Laboratory 1(1):31-35

Book Chapters (*peer reviewed):

*Under reveiew   Mills, Barbara J. and Matthew A. Peeples. Reframing Diffusion through Social Network Theory. In Interaction and Connectivity in the Greater Southwest, edited by Karen G. Harry and Barbara Roth. University Press of Colorado, Boulder.

*Under review   Peeples, Matthew A., Gregson Schachner, and Keith W. Kintigh. The Cibola/Zuni Region. In The Oxford Handbook of Southwest Archaeology, edited by Barbara J. Mills and Severin Fowles, Oxford University Press, Oxford.

*In press
   Peeples, Matthew A. and Barbara J. Mills. Frontiers of Marginality and Mediation in the U.S. Southwest: A Social Networks Perspective. In Life Beyond the Boundaries: Constructing Identity in Edge Regions of the North American Southwest, edited by Karen Harry and Sarah Herr, University Press of Colorado.

   Peeples, Matthew A., Barbara J. Mills, W. R. Haas, Jr., Jeffery J. Clark, and John M. Roberts., Jr. Analytical Challenges for the Application of Social Network Analysis in Archaeology. In The Connected Past: Challenging Networks in Archaeology and History, edited by Tom Brughmans, Anna Collar, and Fiona Coward, pp. 59-84. Oxford University Press, Oxford.

*2016    Hegmon, Michelle, Jerry B. Howard, Michael O'Hara, and Matthew A. Peeples. Path Dependence and the Long-term Trajectory of Prehistoric Hohokam Irrigation in Arizona. In The Archaeology of Entanglement: Entwinements and Entrapments of the Past, edited by Lindsay Der and Francesca Fernandini, pp. 173-190. Left Coast Press, Walnut Creek, CA.

*2015    Torvinen, Andrea L., Michelle Hegmon, Ann P. Kinzig, Margaret C. Nelson, Matthew A. Peeples, Karen G. Schollmeyer, Colleen Strawhacker, Laura Swantek. Transformation Without Collapse: Two Cases for the American Southwest. In  Beyond Collapse: Archaeological Perspectives on Resilience, Revitalization, and Reorganization in Complex Societies. Proceedings of the 29th Annual SIU Visiting Scholars Conference, edited by Ronald Faulseit, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale.

*2014    Hegmon, Michelle, Jette Arneborg, Andrew J. Dugmore, George Hambrecht, Scott Ingram, Keith Kintigh, Thomas H. McGovern, Margaret C. Nelson, Matthew A. Peeples, Ian Simpson, Katherine Spielmann, Richard Streeter, and Orri Vésteinsson. The Human Experience of Social Change and Continuity: The Southwest and the North Atlantic in 'Interesting Times' ca. A.D. 1300. In Climates of Change: The Shifting Environments of Archaeology. Proceedings of the 44th Annual Chacmool Conference,edited by S. Lacey, C. Tremain, and M. Sawyer. pp. 53-67. University of Calgary.

*2014    Peeples, Matthew A. Population History of the Zuni Region across the Protohistoric Transition: Migration, Gene Flow, and Social Transformation. In Building Transnational Archaeologies, edited by Elisa Villalpando and Randall H. McGuire. pp. 93-109. Arizona State Museum Archaeological Series 209, Arizona State Museum and the University of Arizona.

2013    Nelson, Margaret C., Michelle Hegmon, Keith W. Kintigh, Ann P. Kinzig, Ben A. Nelson, John Marty Anderies, David A. Abbott, Katherine A. Spielmann, Scott E. Ingram, Matthew A. Peeples, Colleen A. Strawhacker, and Cathryn Meegan. "長期的脆弱性與恢復力: 美國西南部與墨西哥北部考古學研究的實例" In 考古學與永續發展研究. Edited by 邱斯嘉 and 臧振華, pp. 93-117. 台北: 中央研究院人文社會科學研究中心考古學研究專題中心. (Research Center for the Humanities and Social Science, Center for Archaeological Research: Taipei).

*2013  Mills, Barbara J., John M. Roberts Jr., Jeffery J. Clark, William R. Haas Jr., Deborah Huntley, Matthew A. Peeples, Lewis Borck, Susan C. Ryan, Meaghan Trowbridge, and Ronald L. Breiger. The Dynamics of Social Networks in the Late Prehistoric U.S. Southwest. In Network Analysis in Archaeology, edited by Carl Knappett, pp. 185-206. Oxford University Press, Oxford.

*2012  Schachner, Gregson, Dennis Gilpin, and Matthew A. Peeples. Alternative Trajectories during the Early Pueblo Period in the Little Colorado Drainage and Beyond. In Crucible of Pueblos: The Early Pueblo Period in the Northern Southwest, edited by Richard H. Wilshusen, Gregson Schachner, and James R. Allison, pp. 101-126. Monograph 71, Cotsen Institute of Archaeology at UCLA, Los Angeles.

*2012  Peeples, Matthew A., Gregson Schachner, and Edgar K. Huber. Rethinking Communities Across the Greater Zuni Region. In Southwestern Pithouse Communities: A.D. 200-900, edited by Sarah H. Herr and Lisa Young, pp. 168-182. University of Arizona Press, Tucson.

*2012  Nelson, Margaret C., Michelle Hegmon, Keith W. Kintigh, Ann P. Kinzig, Ben A. Nelson, John Marty Anderies, David A. Abbott, Katherine A. Spielmann, Scott E. Ingram, Matthew A. Peeples, Colleen A. Strawhacker, and Cathryn Meegan. Long-Term Vulnerability and Resilience: Three Examples from Archaeological Study in the Southwestern United States and Northern Mexico. In Surviving Sudden Environmental Change: Answers from Archaeology, edited by Jago Cooper and Payson Sheets, pp. 197-221. University Press of Colorado, Boulder, CO.

*2011   Spielmann, Katherine A., Margaret C. Nelson, Scott E. Ingram, and Matthew A. Peeples. Mitigating Environmental Risk in the U.S. Southwest. In Sustainable Lifeways: Cultural Persistence in an Ever-Changing Environment,edited by Naomi F. Miller, Katherine M. Moore, and Kathleen Ryan, pp. 180-211. University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, Philadelphia.

  Other Publications  

2013 -- Peepels, Matthew A. (editor). Social Networks in the Distant Past. Archaeology Southwest Magazine 27(2).

Special issue of Archaeology Southwest Magazine focsued on the Southwest Social Networks Project. Edited by Matthew A. Peeples with co-authors Barbara J. Mills, Jeffery J. Clark, Matthew A. Peeples, W. R. Haas, Jr., John M. Roberts, Jr., J. Brett Hill, Deborah L. Huntley, Lewis Borck, Ronald L. Breiger, Aaron Clauset, and M. Steven Shackley

Additional online supplementary materials available here

  Selected Posters & Presentations  

2015 -- Laurenzi, Andy, Matthew A. Peeples, and William H. Doelle. The Salado Preservation Initiative: Combining Research and Preservation Planning. Poster presented at the 80th Annual Meeting of the Society for American Archaeology, San Francisco, California.

2012 -- Peeples, Matthew and Gregson Schachner. Scrutnizing a Common Tool in the Archaeologist's Toolbox: The Effects of Sampling and Regional Variation in Ceramic Seriation on the Interpretation of Population Movement and Demography. Poster presented at the 2012 Southwest Symposium, Albuquerque, New Mexico.

2011 -- Trask, Garrett and Matthew Peeples. Ceramic Design and Changing Scales of Social Interaction across the Cibola Region. Poster presented at the 76th annual meeting of the Society for American Archaeology. Sacramento, California.

2010 -- Peeples, Matthew A. Ceramic Technology and Social Distance across the Cibola World: A.D. 1150-1325. Poster presented at the 75th annual meeting of the Society for American Archaeology. St. Louis, Missouri.

2008 -- Peeples, Matthew A. and Gregson T. Schachner. Long-term Patterns of Settlement along the Zuni River Drainage. Poster presented at the 2008 Southwest Symposium. Tempe, Arizona.

2006 -- Peeples, Matthew A., Robert Cox, and Tanjot Bhatia. The Prehistoric Agricultural Landuse Model (PALM): Exploring the links between decision making and change in complex socio-ecological systems. Computer Simulation presented at the Archaeological Sciences of the Americas Symposium, Tucson, Arizona.

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