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Bibliographies/End Note Libraries

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Ceramic Analysis (569 refs) [EndNote Library] [PDF]
Southwestern Archaeology (826 refs) [EndNote Library] [PDF]
General Archaeology (2,095 refs) [EndNote Library] [PDF]

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R Scripts

K-means cluster analysis
Script for conducting K-means cluster analysis using R. This script provides output designed to help the user select an appropriate cluster solution.

Correspondence analysis
Script for conducting correspondence analysis for seriation of archaeological assemblages.

Brainerd-Robinson similarity coefficient
Script for calculating Brainerd-Robinson coefficients based on tabular count or percent data. This script also estimates the probability that a given difference between two samples is the product of sampling error.

Mean Ceramic Dates
Script for calculating mean ceramic dates based on tabular data. This script also estimates sampling error using a bootstrapping procedure.

Bootstrapped Correspondence Analysis
Additional information for conducting bootstrapped correspondence analysis following the Peeples and Schachner (2012) Journal of Archaeological Science article.

Archaeological Network Analysis Workshop 2017
R Markdown document associated with the workshop at the Computer Applications and Quantitative Methods in Archaeology Meeting in Atlanta, GA (2017) hosted by Matt Peeples and Tom Brughmans. Network Science and Statistical Techniques for Dealing with Uncertainties in Archaeological Datasets.

R is a free platform for statistical analysis which can be downloaded here.