Publication Type: Journal Article

Sustainable Small-Scale Agriculture in Semi-Arid Environments

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Resisting Diversity: a Long-Term Archaeological Study

Ecology and Society, 16(1), 2011
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Refining correspondence analysis-based ceramic seriation of regional data sets

Journal of Archaeological Science, 39(8): 2818—2827, 2012
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Journal of Archaeological Science, 52: 152—162, 2014
Ownby, Mary F. and Huntley, Deborah L. and Peeples, Matthew A.
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Are Social Networks Survival Networks? An Example from the Late Pre-Hispanic US Southwest

Journal of Archaeological Method and Theory, 22(1): 33—57, 2015
Borck, Lewis and Mills, Barbara J. and Peeples, Matthew A. and Clark, Jeffery J.
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Spatializing Social Network Analysis in the Late Precontact U.S. Southwest

Advances in Archaeological Practice, 3(1): 63—77, 2015
Hill, J. Brett and Peeples, Matthew A. and Huntley, Deborah L. and Carmack, H. Jane
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Sight Communities: The Social Significance of Shared Visual Landmarks

American Antiquity, 80(2): 215—235, 2015
Bernardini, Wesley and Peeples, Matthew A.
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Toward a theory of non-linear transitions from foraging to farming

Journal of Anthropological Archaeology, 40: 109—122, 2015
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Climate challenges, vulnerabilities, and food security

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